How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8

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Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8


  1. How fix "UEFI Firmware Missing " ? For some reason my windows 8 doesn't have a UEFI firmware. I am planning to change it to windows 7 but i can't do it. Because I am missing one option.. Do you any solution for this ?

  2. All whose using windows 8.1 This is how you find those general options, First you need to go to change pc settings then click update  recovery then click recover and there you'll see the general options that would be displayed on  windows 8  And THANKS FOR THE VIDEO MAN I REALLY APPRECIATE IT Alton:D

  3. There is no General "Tab" in that location, I have windows 8.1
    And can find nothing on my computer with a search of "Driver signature enforcement"
    They must have changed the name, any Idea what to?

  4. Eu comprei a impressora 3D, Flashforge pro, para duas cores.
    Acontece que meu Windows é o 7.
    Qdo passo para o meu desktop o arquivo "for windows", rodo os dois arquivos pedidos e quando dou um duplo clique no Replicator G, acusa que o arquivo está corrompido.
    O que devo fazer, por favor?

    I bought a 3D printer FlashForge pro for two colors. 
    It turns out that my Windows is 7. 
    Qdo step for my desktop file "for windows", squeegee the two applications and files when I do a double click on the Replicator G, accuses the file is corrupted. 
    What should I do, please?

  5. why the fuck do you spend so much time hovering your mouse over a settings option? if i can't read fast enough then i'll pause the damn video, just get on with it and click already!

  6. The first minute of the video can be bypassed by just shift clicking on 'reboot' in the 'Power' menu located in the 'settings' panel instead of going through the whole 'change pc settings' process.

  7. Thanks for the Video. On 8.1Pro the whole PC Settings menu is totally different. There is no General. What I did was search for start-up and then I just chose "change advanced start-up options". But thank you anyways, Maybe you can just update the About field.

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