1. what kind of dumb are you? you open the different network from the first time that asking for credential, and you didn't even change any settings. how did this guys get 37 likes on this video?

  2. I did this to both coms and it wont ask for credetials anymore but another prob pops up. It says Windows cannot access 'Name of the computer to where Im going to tranfer files' . . What to do… 🙁

  3. He didn't change anything in the video, but when I tried it myself, It was turned on, I turned it off, and it worked!
    I'm one of the few people who actually liked the video.

  4. This is an incompetent help video. What worked for me was simply joining the correct homegroup. This video must be a stupid joke where the thinking is: Who cares if I get a ton of thumbs down. I am getting VIEWS! What an idiotic concept.

  5. This short video utterly amazed me by showing the trick to get our 2 computers on our house peer network back in contact with each other and with our printer that is connected wirelessly to our router.   Thank you so very much.   I wasted 3 hours today trying to figure this out before I found your link by Googling "what are network credentials".   I swear, sometimes these things drive me to distraction and it's no surprise that some people just give up and buy new gear.   Now if I could just figure out what bug is causing my computer to freeze 2 or 3 times a day.   Got a vid for that, LOL??

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