How to Disable OneDrive/SkyDrive on Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. A note, if I may: Seems that gpedit.msc is only available on Windows 8/8.1 Pro & Enterprise Editions — not Standard/Home. (Shrug) Welcome to Microsoft…

    ~ Nadrakas

  2. I have windows 8.1 . I disconnected my Microsoft account from the laptop. Does that mean that now Onedrive won't work? I want to protect the privacy of my documents and files. I don't want ANYTHING on my computer to go to the cloud or Onedrive. Will I be safe? I disabled the synch features of the Onedrive and then I disconnected my Microsoft account from the laptop so I then switched to a local user. Does that mean that now none of my files or documents will go to the Onedrive or the cloud?

  3. Half the pcs do not have gpedit.msc or is not able to be located by the system. I think microsoft did one of their little experiment for a certain batch of people who updated into win8.1 without telling any1, im pretty sure they integrated group policy editor into mulptiple other tools. I can't see it in administrative tools, can;t imagine where else it could be. They use to say apple is a pain to use bc half the stuff is incompatible with downloads and is very unorganized due to everything being everywhere. Microsoft is now playing hard to get… much so, apple is starting to look damned attractive. win 8 is very disappointing. I payed for an OS that doesn't run crazy crap in the background, easy to use, and very easily modifiable.
    Which of these three points is prominent in 8.1……give me one.

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