How To Disable The Windows 8 Lock Screen

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Today I show you how to disable the Windows 8 lock screen.
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  1. plz tell how to solve the sign in problem mean when i signin password there comes that your sign in option is disabled bcoz of failed sign in attempts or due to many shut down attempts

  2. In case this didn't work, like it didn't for me, you can search on YouTube for "The longest video on YouTube" and take the longest you can find. Let the video play, and your computer won't lock while you're downloading, or whatever you wanted to do.

  3. Question if you are running X64 Win 8.1 Do you choose 32 bit or 64 ?
    What about a video on changing the lock Screen Pic instead of eliminating the lock screen. Say one of your our pic?
    Great explanation.

  4. It is not helpful! just the photo which drops down is disabled and instead the screen just goes blank! and I have to click on the screen. it is so annoying when you read a book.

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