How To Disable The Windows 8 Modern UI

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Ever Since Microsoft announced Modern UI and that it was the new start menu, people have hated it. If you’re one of the many people that want the old start menu back, this video is for you. You will get the old taskbar as well as the start menu you know and love.
It’s a simple Registry hack that is super easy to do. It will literly take you a matter of seconds. First hover over the start menu and then click on search. Click on apps and type “regedit” then launch regedit.
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  1. It is not just about the start menu. Metro style is great if have a tablet or are new to computers. But for those that are into programming its just a bit more of a hassle to go through windows 8 and a slight annoyance to navigate the metro (a.k.a app store. a.k.a Microsoft marketing) and have the charms sidebars pop-ups. All in all it doesn't prevent me from using the computer. But if I'm paying money why should i have to take the extra steps every time? Like the OS but not the UI.

  2. no "Start" button is for the power users. You scream and wine about a start button? Grow up mates. But I can see your argument now….your probably not a power user are you?

    ##This post, was not meant for the uploader. Thanks for the upload mate.

  3. It's probably faster than Windows 7 because you just installed it and your hard disk is full of junk and autostart software yet. Windows 7 perfroms just fine, especially if you have good hardware.

  4. What do you mean by "first step"? When was Windows NOT a closed OS? It's been a closed-source OS, ie., proprietary, right from the start. It's never been "open" in any sense of the word.

  5. if u have missing RP Enable Please Copy This
    1) Open Your Command Prompt
    2) Copy This one >>>reg add "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer" /v RPEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d "0"#
    3) Press Enter
    4) Done! Enjoy

  6. the new UI isn't simple. Yes, it's change, but not good change. Everything it does is simply making it easier for tablet users to interact betweent he tablet and the computer, with no regards to the consumer who don't (pardon my figure of speech) don't give a shit about tablets.
    Seriously Microsoft, add an option for what type of interface that's desired by the consumer, not you as a producer.
    Sidenote: Yes, I hate Windows 8

  7. i agree up to date with the newest OS is great. and i absolutely hate the metro look. if i am going to get windows 8 i would want my start menu and i dont care for the apps on a pc. find them just dumb.

  8. @MrNh97 That is a rather misinformed statement. Yes the user experience is that of windows 7. Yes it ain't got no fancy tiles and whatever. The kernel and everything under the hood of the OS will be windows 8 still.

  9. i like windows 8 too the only flaw is sometimes my games crash i'm a computer gamer so i can't afford to let my games fail on me, i might do an upgrade to windows 8 though who knows as of right now lol

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