How to Disable the Write Protection on Dell Windows 10 USB Recovery VS TOOL

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+) Troubleshooting does not turn off the laptop running win 10

+) Troubleshooting “format the disk is Write Protection”, fix USB Dell Windows 10 Recovery.
link: Tool


  1. My USB drive was recognized partially, and only if it is connected to USB2.0 port. One of the numbered buttons changes to light grey, but properties does not appear.
    It seems to be functional only on USB keys distributed in North-America.

  2. This solution not work with silver USB. For silver usb ( u3-8gdsts ) you need download "SM3267_V2.5.36" program, open it, select from menu bar tools and start 'Multiple Erase All'. It will be flash new bios of USB stick, after that you need press button "START". That's all and from now you can use usb disk.

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