How To: Disable Windows 7/Vista Activation for up to 1 year

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How To disable and prolong the activation process for windows 7 or vista up to a year…

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Command- slmgr -rearm

RegEdit –
For Windows Vista:

For Windows 7:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftwareProtectionPlatform Connect with DigitalDojos:
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  1. I'm having trouble with this again, I did exactly as you did and I restarted and it was fine for about a month no activation messages until now again, and I tried this method again over and over and it's just not working i'm still getting these activation messages. I hate windows vista.

  2. Wanted to say thanks. This worked for me. I called Microsoft to try get this sorted, they wanted to charge me £65 for it, I told them to fuck off obviously.
    So will I need to do this again in a year from now? I don't mind if so, it only took 2mins.

  3. Hey mate thanks for the help btw. but with me at regedit, ones i set it to 1 and do the rearm thingy after i restart the comp its jumps back to 0 at regedit ( already used rearm 3 times before ) can you plzzzzzzz help 🙂

  4. somebody plz help i have a fake version of windows 7 (Downloaded it) and it kept asking for the activation code for ages i watched this done it all and now its telling me i might be using a counterfeight version is this normal or what?

  5. While I have always been anxious to register my OS on the first boot, for doing something like testing on a new type of hard drive, it is nice, especially since because of prices between $60 and $120 for a 30 to 60gig SSD drive (depending on the size and speed, yeah SSD's come in many different speeds).

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