How to Disable Windows 8.1 Help Tips

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When you update to Windows 8/1. for the first time, you will get help tip popups to guide you on features of this new version. These tips normally stop appearing after users have finished the tutorial.

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Step # 1 – Navigating To The…


  1. heyy, i have a question. i dont know if you can help me with this, but i hope you at least know a bit about this. so this happens with alot of games i try to open, it opens for a few seconds and then it minimizes itself or something and it just goes to the page i have open under it, and when i try to open it then, the screen will go black for 1 second and it goes back to that same window again. i dont know what exactly is going on and or how to fix it, so if you have any idea how to help me with this i'd be really thankful

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