How To Disable Windows 8 Charms Bar and SideBar – Updated Windows 8 Tips/Tricks

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Windows 8.1 Update now shows you how to disable the windows 8 charms bar and sidebar. Check my channel for more windows 8 tutorials, tips and tricks.

How To Update Windows 8 to 8.1

Windows 8 Tutorials, Tips and Tricks.

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  1. But how do you get rid of it COMPLETELY? It's so goddamn annoying., why did they include a feature to disable it and then make it STILL be there? It's like they were trolling us. I naturally leave my cursor in the bottom right all the time so that goddamn useless charms bar is constantly getting in the way every time I touch the mouse. How do you actually GET RID OF IT? I am not using a third party software to fix Microsoft's stupid mistakes.

  2. How do I just upgrade back Windows 10 because Win 10 doesn't have this annoying bs I switch back to WIndows 8.1 from 10. Wish I never done that. I get stupid errors trying to upgrade and I miss the start menu.

  3. Hey, I've tried disabling everything now, but I still have an extremely annoying problem with the charms bar.
    Everytime I swipe from right to left on my mousepad, the charms bar pops up and I have to click another place to make it go away. Sometimes I even choose one of the 5 options there automatically with the mousepad. I probably have to do this 4 times an hour if I use my computer and I can feel the rage building up inside each time (I'm normally extremely patient, lol). I just want to throw the whole thing into a wall. I thought, right after I had bought the new computer, that I would automatically stop doing this after I had gotten used to it, that there was something I was doing wrong, but after nearly a year I keep bringing my charms bar up. Over and over again. All I do is swipe from right to left like a normal person who wants to move the pointer from right to left.
    I don't have this problem if I use the mouse, but I write so much on my computer and it's much easier using the mousepad when it's 2 cm away from my fingers.
    Please Dan, can you help me?? 🙁

  4. Why can't you turn it off completely? I was looking for the 'right lower corner' solution because whenever I'm gaming it shows up and sometimes even makes me go back to desktop! ridiculous

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