How To Disable Windows 8 SideBar AKA Charms Bar – Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

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Full video tutorial on how to disable Windows 8 sidebar or Charms Bar using some quick tips and tricks. This is a very simple process, safe and easy. Below is the link you will need to install the program.

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How To Get Windows 8 Start Button Back

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  1. works for me. i'm just so sad now because i lost my windows 10 creators update after i messed up installing android N on my laptop for dual boot. i have to use recovery installation and so i lost everything on my latest upgrade.

  2. Dan? I think the instructions in your above video will probably be the only solution that works in my efforts to disable the charm bar on my computer. I have the Windows 8 system on my computer. However, before I try your method, I did have one question. I want to disable the charms bar inasmuch as it is driving me over the edge. However, I still want to know how to access it whenever I need it. I know that after I disable it, there is some kind of key combinations I can type on the keyboard to pull it out whenever I need it. Do you know what those key combinations are?

  3. I am not sure how to do this since I already HAVE Windows 8.1.  I want to disable the ENTIRE CHARM BAR, not just the top and bottom corners.  Is there a way to disable it so it doesn't pop up everytime I go near the middle edge also?

  4. Hello Dan  your Genius .Does this method here include windows 8.1  I followed yourinstructions and that Hideous charms pops again . Any  ideas  Thankyou so much and May God Bless You Michael

  5. Windows 8. Charms side bar that randomly pops up and interrupts what I'm doing but if I try to make it come up it takes me like 5 times. How convenient. Windows 8 is what happens when you try to make computers like your iPhone. Go to hell windows 8 and take your stupid charms sidebar that keeps popping up unexpectedly with you.

  6. WINDOWS 8 MAY YOU BURN IN HELL FOREVER…..WINDOWS 8 YOU SUCK, may GOD CURSE WHO EVER MADE this PIECE OF HELL.¬†¬† Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for this video…..I can't tell you HOW many times, I almost took my brand new laptop BACK TO BEST BUY. Who ever made this WINDOWS 8, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THE X to close Internet browsers in in the SAME %#$KING SPOT.¬† IT WAS DRIVING ME IN SAME. And the other thing YOU didn't even have to be on the¬†right¬†side of the screen for that #$%ING¬†thing to pop up. It was popping up Any time and any where.¬† Windows 8 is WORSE than Vista. Again thank you for bringing me back to the real world.¬† I think the SMART BAR was telling me to kill people. I SWEAR I THINK IT WAS¬†POSSESED BY SATAN.

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