How to Downgrade/Clean install windows XP

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Hey guys I had to clean restore my desktop because the computer had drivers missing that weren’t compatible with windows 7, so I had to do so. Hope you enjoy, I made it as easy as possible!


  1. thx my video card drivers werent compatible with w7 and i couldnt play good games without a white screen so when i back up my drivers apps and everyting it worked and it installed my good video card

  2. Dude plss…help me when i restart then it shuts down but when it is getting to start up it doesnt say the same thing as you are.. Mine says "starting windows" then it starts…plss help had already windows xp CD on it.

  3. I got a dell latitude d610 and when I booted it up I got the bsod. so I did what you said! (I used an iso and burned it to a cd and I burned the drivers for my computer to a usb flash drive) and now, it's working properly! 😀

  4. I have an issue where I have a cpu that's better but my bios hasn't been updated so it doesn't support it so I have to down grade and install it sigh tideous

  5. I recommend doing a dual boot or installing Windows XP Mode:
    Note: Windows XP Mode requires one of the following Windows 7 Editions:

    Windows 7 Professional
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Windows 7 Enterprise

  6. How can you be calm when saying "This is embarrassing?" And how can you do it while on Windows 7 because they don't let you, saying that this version is better and newer than the one I have. I can't do it on boot. I want to upgrade my Windows 7 with Windows 7. (Registry issues) 😛

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