How to Downgrade to Windows XP

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I recommend doing a full wipe and reload, as anytime an OS downgrade or uninstall is performed it seems to cause trouble.

Make sure you have a Windows XP CD, and a valid product key, as you will need to activate Windows XP once it is installed.

Set your BIOS to boot from USB drive or disc drive.

Backup and Restore Windows Hardware Drivers

Backup and Restore Windows Activation Status in case you change your mind

Fix Windows…


  1. how to install windows xp on unsupported motherboards that don't have IDE connection or sata IDE mode in bios and only has AHCI/Raid On UEFI SM bios 2.8? Intel i7 Skylake Intel Z170 (not Asus)

  2. Hi Miguel, I do everithing as you explain in video, it is ok. But my Toshiba can not recognize some hardware. I stay in Toshiba center, I try all drivers but, the moust important driver for my Wireless board dont install with sucesse. Its a old Toshiba satelite L300 and its incledble how he just dont reconize drivers and Wireless board. Do you know some solution to solve this driver issue? thanks

  3. Thanks- great tutorial. Question. I need an XP for all of my older Excel files, and all of the other benefits of XP. But I do not wish to ever hook it up to the Internet as Microsoft sabotages older versions of Office to get you to upgrade to their latest. Once the downgrade is complete, will it keep asking me to register it?

  4. im a kid but xp was the first softwear i ever used i will try it on my computer that is very old and once even used windows 98 yeah my dad bauth a computer when it was rare that people ever had a computer lol😀😀😀

  5. Avoiderrors; I have a new dell xps laptop that came with windows 8. I also have a 2006 dell xps laptop with windows XP that came with the operating disk & drivers as well as other software from win98 & 98SE but I only wanted the screen savers from those disks. Now before I take laptops to my computer guy for him to make new dell a pimped version of XP is there another way you might suggest? medic927

  6. hi good day. can u help me for my problem. I downgrade my w7 32bit to winxp but it says on booting process error found like this x0c0000007b. This is my previous problem on win7 that's y i decided to downgrade it to xp. pls help me bro

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