How to Download and Install Wamp Server on Windows 10

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How to install WampServer on Windows
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  1. after i download wamp the window that pops up does not give the install option. It unly gives me "Repair" " Uninstall" and "Close". I've already made sure that my download is compatible with system and that checks out , what am i doing wrong ?

  2. A little hit, if you all get that runtime error here's what you do! First: Uninstall the Wampserver..just uninstall it. Ok, now, just to grab the info start the install again, you will see instructions almost on the first page: copy to notepad…ok, now this program is so fantastic because he actually has a link to all the Visual CC++ that you need. Just copy and paste in browser and install them all it only takes a min to install for each well 10 seconds actually. If you are running windows 10 like I am, make sure you are installing both 64 and 32bit they are also on same page. Wampserver made it so ridiculously easy for us. After you are confident that all is installed, run the Wampserver again. Trust me: it will work. I got all green I'm so thrilled as I tried another server which will remain nameless and because of this video and Wampserver it was easy. Don't forget also not to click through like you normally would with an install. Change your browser when it asks to Chrome just like ProgrammingKnowledge suggested. Thanks for video by the way, good luck peeps!

  3. Thank you very much for this really simple/intuitive step by step instructional video. It has been a pain trying to figure out what to approve, etc… while setting this up… You're very helpful sir.

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