How To Download and Install Windows 8 Pro [32/64-B

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TheTechnologicalKing here showing you how to download and install Windows 8.

Windows 8 64-Bit:

Windows 8 32-Bit:

Windows 8 Activator:


  1. OMG! LONG LONG LONG DOWNLOAD TIME TO FINNISH?! 😮 Damn, wait, it takes 4 days…? err… I can loose my download on google chrome when I shut my computer down…. What now? We are all doomed of long time! Well reply me, I will shut this down, and for the next day I go check my downloads.

  2. Sorry, but you were to create a restore point before you install, but if you can finder an older restore you are welcome to use that and how you that is to go to the start button, type in system restore, then find anyone you want to I recommend using the latest one. Your Welcome!

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