How to download and use selfish Net – 2017

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How to download from selfish net application in simple and easy way suits for windows 7,8,8.1,10 :

link to download Selfish net:

or use this link :

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If anyone have any problem with downloading the application , please message the facebook page privately and we will send the application to you privately

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  1. Your welcome guys!!! and thank you for watching!!! Please Like and Subscribe guys and tell your friends about selfishnet it will help me more then it will help you! and if u have any questions message in downloading the application or steps you didn't get it , message the facebook page 😀

  2. i already tried it.. and its working 100%.. my only problem is that u cant save any changes. After turning off your computer everything goes back to normal 🙁 ..

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    Good content .. New subscriber! we are artists from Medellín Colombia ..
    Congratulations we hope you can continue growing …
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