How to download Epicbot for Mac/Linux (UPDATED)

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Hey guys! The updated guide on getting epicbot for Mac/Linux is finally here!
Link #1:
LInk #2 (After having created forum account):
Happy Botting (:


  1. when i open the file it says its corrupted and we must download it from the website, however i cant download it from the website because it doesnt fucin work!

  2. Hey i'm really sorry but I'm afraid the bot is outdated at this point. I don't know how to help you with this. Even if you do get your mac to run epicbot I don't recommend using it due to the fact that Jagex can detect bots much faster now.

  3. i have a mac osx and i downloaded and used epic bot before but when i try to use it now it opens apple script editor. it used to open a different application to run it but i cant remember the name. what do you use to run epic bot? it says that apple script editor cant open epicbot please help

  4. what kind of mac do you have? macbook pro or just plain old mac? if the .jar file doesn't work maybe try downloading the mac version. All you have to do is search mac download on the epicbot website and you'll find it. You could also try and re-download the .jar file. Really hope this helps!

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