How to Download Fonts from for Windows XP

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A Quick And Easy Step By Step Tutorial On How To Download Fonts From

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UPDATE: I have found out that once you’ve extracted the font you can then right click it and then press install. The font will automatically install then, so there is no need to open up control panel.
UPDATE: Alot of people are having trouble with winzip. When you click download on make sure that you are opening the file with notepad or windows explorer. If you are still…


  1. Alright, It seems I've run into a dilemma. I get to the site fine, and get to what I want and everything. But when I choose to download my selected font, the wizard doesn't pop up. Instead it opens a .zip file. When I finish downloading it it's labeled as the zip file, but when I open the file, there is no way that I can extract what I want, I'm completely baffled. And I need help.. .-. ..

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