How to Download Games & Steam Games in Ubuntu // Ubuntu 16.04 Tips

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In this video, I show you how to download free games in Ubuntu 16.04, as well as how to install Steam and get your Steam games running in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS!

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What is Ubuntu?
“The Ubuntu story
ubuntu |oǒ’boǒntoō|

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The…


  1. On dota 2, I set the graphics down pretty low and have around 5 fps, but I have a RX470. How do I properly install a driver for my PC? Last time I did it, I had to clear my PC because I was in a log in loop.

  2. Hey. Is there any chance ubuntu to create – automatic system without needing of console typing's :D? Right Click Etc – windowses for settings for My Computer etc, right click :D? Is it possible?

  3. yes like ksp linux support in the steam list of game.
    some of the game auto use a dosbox to run.
    and i also have the wine steam playonlinux installed.

    thanks for your time.

  4. Hello. i have downloaded steam using your method, and once it was finished downloading, i opened it. i put in my user name and password, and pressed enter. it loaded for a few seconds, but then my computer crashed with a bunch of crazy colors that looked like a bad drug trip. i rebooted the computer, and then clicked on steam. it said updating steam in a little box for a few seconds, but then it crashed, and the crash screen looked the same as before. i rebooted my computer, then tried opening steam from the terminal, and it booted up with the same updating steam box, then it crashed, just like the other times. i am really upset about this. i built a computer, got Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and now i cant get the games that i built the machine to run!

  5. so I just switched to ubuntu the other day, had some issues but now I got steam working. question, is there a reason why my games drop in steam doesn't have that linux+steamOS button? and is there a reason why when I download a game it comes put looking like it is a piece of paper and says for example "Don't Starve.url" and says it could not display "don't starve.url" when I try to play it? than you all for any help, I can't seem to find anything about any of these issues anywhere

  6. I'm in the middle of sorting out my harddrive setup, but looking forward to getting an extra ssd and mechanical just for ubuntu. I know it's not needed but I'd like to keep them separate.

  7. I downloaded the install for Ubuntu from Steams website.
    That installer, or version of Steam, seem to be a bit broken.
    When I start Steam I get a message about the Steam package is old and needs to be updated and I need to go to to download the update.
    It seems that I should do it your way instead.

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