how to download gta san andreas on windows 8

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download the game:(
go to google:(
go to google:(
after u done this all then u extract it and install it….then u r done to play…
thx for watching!!!!!!! šŸ™‚


  1. You are stupid bc piratebay does work still with downloading games u just cant do it all the time or goverment will send u a message so your a fuck tart for saying it patched get of pc u dont know anytging bout downloading and i got like 8 games from it and movies thx to piratebay u fuck tart

  2. can some one help me??? I have windows 8 and when i lunch gta_sa it takes me to eror you dont have 800x600x32 video mod.. Vtf???? Some one help me please. I see a lot off totorial how fix it, but no one can t work.. šŸ™ Ā help me some one pleaseļ»æ

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