How to download Halo 2 for Free in Windows XP and Vista

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First download utorrent from:- . Then download halo 2 for xp and vista from:- . Then download halo 2 xp activation fix from:- . Then download direct x 9 from :- . Then download halo 2 xp crack folder from:- . Then download daemon tools from…


  1. it's an application that allows you to download torrents for macs and pc ofcourse but utorrent is a very handy tool you need to download the torrent that sould take about 76kb
    then go to search it download it open the torrent with it, it should take a while seening that halo 2 is about 3.9 gigs but i have download things that where lik 10 gigs so you should live. anyway download utorrent if you need help just ask.

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