How To Download/Install Android SDK/ADT Bundle For Windows

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Android SDK download the Eclipse ADT bundle on Windows 7 PC. NEW LINK With Android developer tools you can connect your android device over/via USB and use the ADB tool (android debug bridge) in the platform-tools folder to debug on your device and send commands to your android devices and flash nexus factory images you must enable USB debugging in your android device system settings.NEW LINK
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  1. Hello!
    I want to install Android development environment, my system is 64bit winwindows8.1 from where to download it?
    I downloaded a lot of SDK+adt but there is a mistake, can you help me to share the download address?
    Eclipse+SDK+ADT complete installation package!!!
    Thank you in the end!!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks. This is a nice video.

    But I am using Windows 10 Home (64 bit) and I am a little confused as to what I really need to be able to do regular Java programming and develop Andriod apps. I want to use Eclipse IDE only and not Android Studio.

    So, what do I need to install? All the below ones or some of them?

    Eclipse IDE
    Android ADT plug-in
    Java JDK
    Android SDK

    Do I need to install each of the above in a particular order?


  3. hi : i was install android studio and its working good : but i want to make 9patch image : when i see its not in my program … now tell me how can i download and install 9patch tool in my android studio ..

  4. hey jamie i have a problem with my tab…its getting reset on every reboot..pls post a video to resolve tht…model is hp 7plus….i just rooted it nd problem started i thought it might becoz of root so i unrooted it but the problem din' t corrected….nd if possible post a video to root it as well but safe…..Model – hp 7 plus… 🙂

  5. on my laptop the files is not extracting …
    and in mine the jdk8u51 was downnloaded the jdk 7th kit was not downloading thats why  ..
     n also the android studio toool was download from that which was given by you i cant plz help me in this

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