How to download & install Linux Mint WITHOUT losing Windows 10 or your personal files

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If you’re interested in Linux Mint, but don’t want to lose Windows 10 or your personal files, fear not! You can install Linux Mint along-side Windows on the same PC desktop or laptop! It’s called dual-booting, and this video contains 5 easy to understand step-by-step instructions to installing Linux Mint 18.2 and create a dual-boot set-up with Windows 10. Get the best of both worlds, Windows and Linux, today!

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  1. Very patient and easy to follow. Used it on Windows 10 HP laptop to install Mint 18.3….everything works, but I am left with an issue: 1) during the install from USB, followed suggestion to use Third Party software, which brought up box to disable UEFI to allow that. Required establishing a password to disable, and said it would use same password later during install (I guess to re-enable?). Never saw that dialogue or anything like it again. So now I have this cryptic password with seemingly no use, and I'm not really sure what the status of my security is. Just a user, who doesn't understand UEFI or Third Party conflicts, but I understand password protection and am unsure what's been done here, nor why the dialogue never reappeared…or if it matters. Maybe it's just some arcane trivial difference between 18.2 and 18.3 since tutorial was made….??

  2. Oh dear, after installing Mint successfully and rebooting, the GRUB now only gives me an option to boot up Mint. There is no option anymore to select Win 10. Can you please explain what I have done wrong? I did this successfully a couple of years ago when I installed on an old desktop machine the earlier Ubunto OS alongside Win XP. The GRUB in that case gave both boot options.

  3. So, I got to the part where your suppose to select " Dual boot linux and windows ten" and i dont see the option to Dual boot linux mint and windows 10. Just erase disc and install linux mint. Some help please?

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