How to Download iTunes to your Computer Free – Windows 8

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See how to download iTunes to your computer. Install iTunes on Windows 8 easily and fast. Even install iTunes on Windows 7 too. In this apple itunes tutorial you can see how to install iTunes 64bit or iTunes 32bit. Remember that apple iTunes does not give you free music but the price per song is reasonable.


  1. i have followed the instructions but when i hit the "run" button it says this file cant be opened in my computer.. what should i do? I have tried downloading it to different sites and now I think i have exhausted all possible sites, it just wont work… I hope you can help me

  2. I Have the HP Pavillion TouchSmart running on windows 8.1 and I keep trying to download iTunes onto my laptop but when I press the download button nothing download's would you happen to know why?

  3. I've been trying to install iTunes on Windows 8 for so long and it wasn't working! Then I used Internet Explorer for this, not Chrome. Trust me, it makes the difference. 

  4. I installed it and now I have no sounds on my pc. Videos won't play no matter which player I use. Doesn't work in iTunes either. I went online to look for a solution but nothing works. I can't watch videos on youtube either so I wouldn't even know if the solution is here. I really like my iphone but i've always hated apple because of dumb shit like this and I always will hate apple as a company. Anyway. So everything went to complete shit and my pc is as good as useless. I am pissed. I do not understand and I need help. Someone please contact me and help me because it doesn't look like I'll be able to solve this on my own. 

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