How To Download Sony Vegas Pro 11 Windows 7/Vista for FREE Voice Tutorial 720p

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Link for Sony Vegas Pro 11 Trial:

(use the 32bit version on 32bit and 64bit computer as you cannot patch the 64bit trial)

Link for Sony Vegas Pro 11 Cracking tools:

This is a tutorial to get Sony Vegas Pro 11 for free…


  1. I have downloaded Sony Vegas 11 pro 32 bit from The Pirate Bay and the same problem.He is run because my CPU is 50% used by the sony vegas installer but Instalation wizard doesn't appear! Help!!!

  2. This is a late reply but i think its because before u downloaded the link for Sony Vegas it said "Trial" after the 11 check in the desc. So it works for some time then just shuts off, like the problem your experiencing right now in which it wont open what so ever. Hope this helped. I think thats the issue.

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  5. YAY you made my day agian theis is the 3rd time i watch this vid in 2 years and it still works btw i subbed and have been looking all over youtube to find this agian

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