How to download videos from Youtube on Windows 7 (and trim and convert them)

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This video demonstrates how to download videos from Youtube on Windows 7 by using Realplayer Basic.

It is available for free and is easy to use.

The first part of the video shows you how to use Realplayer to download a Youtube video, how to convert it to other formats and trim it.

The second part of the video walks you through downloading and installing Realplayer for those of you who don’t have Realplayer already.

You can download realplayer from this link…


  1. That option "download this video" used to be on every Youtube video I viewed. But it mysteriously disappeared. People told me that I could save the video without real player or any program. That's what I would like to learn how.

  2. That is very fancy and dandy… except that Chrome does not allow me to open the Real Player's scree… This is 2015!. It used to be that way, but they fought it and now I can even begin to download Real Player's program for free. I can't say why. I am not a programmer…thanks God!

  3. thank you! I hoped it helped.

    Actually, I only made a couple of other tutorials (e.g. How to make your Anrdoid phone a WiFi hotspot). You can see them on my playlist for Technology and Gadgets.

    Most of my other videos so far are about a variety of things happening in Hong Kong where I live.

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