how to download windows 8 drivers

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In this video i am showing you guys as how to download windows 8 drivers :)……..


  1. i know you feel dude, but is the same with every new pack of windows they make, first version sucks all the time, you always have to whait for the second version of that pack, i didn't, now i'm in a hole with my windows 8

  2. I'm still the same problem when I select the local disk for the installation I get this warning: Windows can not be installed to this disk. Windows needs the driver for device [ULi SATA / RAID Controller (M1573)]. Click 'Load Driver' and load the required device drivers.

    Can you help me

  3. TBH, I can't share your enthusiasm for Windows 8. Ever since I uprgraded from Windows xp to 8 my Sound does not work at all, "No Audio Device Installed", and Windows 8 does not recognize the Realtec Drivers AC97 at all, no matter how often I install them. Got Windows 8 since Sunday and hate it already.:)

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