How to Download Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7

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This video shows how to download the Windows Live Essentials software package.

Windows Live Essentials:

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  1. idk about you other people who were also having the problem of not finding windows movie maker but I found out what the problem is for myself…Go to your Start Menu and search 'Movie Maker', don't search 'Windows live movie maker' or something like that. Just search 'Movie Maker'

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  3. aw man!
    idk what happnd, 2013 and if you dont know what i mean.. CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION!! idk what happened and there is NO "preparing to install" thingie 🙁 is it just me!?

  4. For all of you guys having problems,I apologize for not answering immediately, but what I would recommend would be to uninstall the program in control panel, and re-install it. See if that helps. If the problem persists please ask me. If you are unhappy about the tutorial. I'm sure there are plenty of great tutorials out there. Thank you for your time.

  5. Well, first off, make sure that Windows Media Player is installed on your computer. If you have a Windows 7 N any edition you will need to download them from Microsoft's website. That will give you the proper files so that you can install movie maker. If you have any more problems, let me know,

  6. Can u please help me.. i downloaded and installed windows live essentials software package. It installed all, except for the movie maker. it say "…a program is preventing movie maker to be installed".

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