How to Download Windows Movie Maker – Free & Easy Download & Install

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A beginners video tutorial on how to download Windows Movie Maker & Install. See how to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even for Windows 7. You can get Windows Movie Maker for free. It’s easy to use and great for editing videos of all kinds, beginners and pros alike. Also keep in mind that Windows Movie Maker can also be download and installed on Windows 7 too by just follow my basic steps that I showed you in my video.

Here’s the download link for Windows Movie…


  1. FROM WHERE????? to download,I was looking whole internet all I found was full of poo or viruses downloads ,or not working programs called windows movie maker …..Im sorry but I have lost my hope for download this program ……I cant understand we living in zombie nation where people are not sharing nothing for free now ……….I always was helping if I ve got something ……

  2. QUESTION: I've got movie maker on my lap for wind 7 but it does not have all the features that i've seen on the internet so can i download this version and what will happen to the version that i already have?

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