How to dual boot CentOS and Ubuntu

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This video is a tutorial about how to install CentOS and Ubuntu the right way so u will be able to boot both. Enjoy


  1. Thanks for posting this!
    I'm about to install CentOS alongside Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, and Mint Serena; and I plan on staying with the Ubuntu GRUB because it's working with everything so far. You probably just saved me 2 hours of trying to figure out what I did wrong, because I would have gone with the "do not install GRUB" option.

  2. This is great!  On an old laptop computer I installed Linux Mint 17 Qiana on the entire drive.  No more Vista!  Then, to free up space for CentOS 6.5, I booted from the Mint Live DVD and ran GParted to shrink the main partition /dev/sda1 and thus create ~50 GB free space.  Then, I followed this tutorial and installed CentOS.  Now, I will be able to install the latest cool apps in Mint, as well as play with Enterprise Linux.  Each Linux can view the others' file system too.

  3. Hi yooyoomine, I am totally new wth Linux. I followed your video and installed CentOS 6.5. I have not install Ubuntu yet. I tried to reboot and got "Hard Disk Error".  Is this caused "centos's boot loader to its own partition"? So do I have to install Ubuntu first in order to get dual boot?

  4. @shaikprobable hi! yeah i know there is a problem. u install ubuntu, it installs its boot loader (grub) to the master boot record and then u install centos so it overwrites ubuntu's grub with its own.
    so, all u need is to
    1) install centos's boot loader to its own partition where centos is installed, not in the master boot record.
    2) then u reinstall ubuntu's boot loader, boot into ubuntu and run update-grub.

    if u need any help u can ask me

  5. I need help, i install ubuntu 11.10 and then install centos 5, after the installation completed centos only booting, there is no option for ubuntu. i need ubuntu along centos, can u help me to resolve this problem.

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