How to dual boot macOS Sierra and Windows 10 on PC

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How to dual boot macOS Sierra and Windows 10 on PC.

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  1. Hi i got hackintosh compatible PC with windows 10 installed on 120GB SSD drive.What i'd like to do is buy another 250GB SSD and install OSX on that 250GB SSD without erasing windows 10 from the old SSD ( if possible ) and then have a dual boot of OSX and windows 10 each on one SSD drive .Is that possible to do ? I saw most people say you should install OSX first and then windows but i don't wanna loose all data on my windows

  2. Followed your guide, installation gets cancelled with the message:- Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation. To install windows, restart the installation. Tried everything now, not sure what else I can do. Spec- skylake i5 6600k, 16gb ram, asus z170 mother board, nvidia strix 970 gfx. High SIerra is working fine, but looks like Im going to have to wipe everything and just install win 10 as I (my wife) need it.

  3. I've got Windows 10 Installed on my 250gb SSD, if I were to buy a 1tb Hard Drive could I just install MacOS onto that without having to partition or does windows and mac need to be on the same hard drive? Great vid by the way

  4. I really, REALLY hate my motherboard now…
    I can't boot from an internal hard drive in UEFI mode, only using the "Windows Boot Manager" option -.-
    I mean, it is still working, but common ASUS, was it so hard to add that ._.

  5. Hi bro, I was installing, but it says it cannot find the drive to install to. So I try to delete partition and try again, but now I cannot delete the 30GB partition I made.

  6. i tried many times but iam unable to duel boot every times uefi boot was automatically disapper and window boot manager will replace even i tried many times 'sorry for my english'

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