How to Dual Boot Windows 10 with Linux Mint 2016

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in this video i will show you how to Dual Boot Windows 10 with Linux Mint KDE

for this you have to know how to make Boot-able USB or DVD from ISO file in your Windows 10 computer

i already make tutorial on this topic , so if you don’t know how to do this

then please check out my video here :

After making boot-able USB you should…


  1. Hi, I am window OS user. Now i am thinking to try Linux OS. i have decided to chose Linux mint. which version i should use please suggest. Linux OS is new and unknown for me. I have laptop with AMD A8 processor, 4GB RAM. I am going to install Linux along with windows 8.1. i use laptop for browsing, downloading, and document processing. i dont play games on it. Please suggest me which one is better for me.

  2. for some reason I cannot boot my Linux machine into Windows it won't only said that there's an error made by the fact that there's a media driver missing I'm doing this with Android Droid Drive is there a way to is there a way to make the USB by Linux Mint?

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