How to Dual Boot Windows 10(Or Below) and Linux Mint(Ubuntu) or any other Destro(Hindi)

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This is a simple guide to Install 2 operating system in one Pc.
This guide is working for
In linux
Ubuntu,Fedora,mint,Red Hat, Kali and other debian based and RedHat Based.
For windows:-
Windows 10,8.1,8,7

Linux Mint Download:-
Rufus Tool:-

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  1. hey! i installed linux mint through usb,flash drive… i got 25gb space from DISK C. but noe when i start my computer and spam f12 for menu… there is 2 options "windowsbootmanager" and "mu usb flash drive rainbow 16gb" if i choose windows boot manager it boots windows10 but if i choose the usb option it brings me to "install linux mint" … i already installed mint to the 25gb space from DISK C. how can i boot my computer to get the menu "start linux mint?" or something

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