How to Dual Boot Windows XP with Windows 7 Detailed Tutorial

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How to Dual Boot Windows XP with Windows 7 Detailed Tutorial….

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In Brief……

1) Make sure you are booted into your Primary OS (Win 7)

2) Create Windows 7 recovery / restore disc.

3) Create a Partition on your Hard Drive and name it.

4) Reboot system with XP disc in and Boot from the disc.

5) Follow Instructions to Install Windows XP.

6) Select the correct partition to install XP to.

7) After Install it will reboot, All being…


  1. Finally a good solution. I was stuck with not being able to get the dual boot menu and the system automatically booting to windows 7 and I just kept the tick box in easy bcd to automatically detect the drive and did not wanted to change it as it said on their website that it can cause problems. But I changed it to the drive as per the video and viola dual boot works. Thanks so much. Liked and subscribed.

  2. Awesome video! I have a question, I upgraded my win 7 to win10. do you think i will have the same situation? and did you have any issues with finding drivers since xp has discontinued support from Microsoft?

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