How To Easily Change Text Size (Font Size) In Windows 8

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Want to find out how to Change Font Size Easily In Windows 8? Do you know how to Change Text Size In Windows 8? Here is a Free & easy solution to change font size/text size of files, folders and all over Windows 8.

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  1. i have a problem this morning. Suddenly my icons and font on my laptop becomes bigger. ive tried to Ctrl+Scroll down it does work but the font size is still there, i mean nothing changed and also when i go for example folders all the letters are so big. ive also tried doing this and nothing happens shits!

  2. I did that however I screwed up and made it 500% and now the text and everything is so big I can't change it back to the original. I can't see the screen enough. Does anyone know how to fix this please!!! I'm going crazy here.

  3. Thanks…this doesn't work in 8.1. There is no scale or percentage to select. There is only too Small or too Large.  Blech….going looking for more answers.

  4. You still missed the point. Your [well known] solution only applies in a browser setting. Your contribution will be of no benefit to anyone working within a program or app or desktop file names. No need to get righteous about it 🙂

  5. You are missing the whole point of the video. The purpose is to vary the "Windows 8" font size i.e. the font size of the File Names, Text files, etc. that appear on your desktop. The solution that you mentioned is already known and frequently used in Web Design. Try Ctrl + 0 to reset it to original size FYI). So if you try to Ctrl+ or Ctrl- on Win 8 desktop, that does NOT vary the font size. You will have to follow the steps indicated in video to do it. Anyways, thanks for your contribution.

  6. Yup, I agree totally with you. It sucks that we have to relogin just for the sake of changing font size!!! I think that because the Win 8 engine works differently from the previous version of Windows, I think that changing the font size affects a lot more areas than what we generally see. So probably because of this reason, they are asking us to relogin. This is what I could think of. But yes, MS needs to work on this and fix it as it only adds to frustration of users.

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