How to easily Factory Reset a Windows 7 PC

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This video is gear to showing you how to factory reset you Windows 7 PC. Using built-in Windows Features
Windows 7 Lic Key:

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  1. I searched my computer for hours on how to do this and watched so many videos I then saw this and was so relieved as I went into a phone show and they tried to charge me £40 thank god I found your video

  2. Is it possible to do it without control pannel , i done it all the same but it says its not possible to do , i forgot the words ,but they are not important , i got a virus , it downloads stuff and bugs my computer , it opens mozilla , and other internet explorers , please help!

  3. i tried everything and they said installation disc and shit then.. suddenly they restart me and logged me in my account then my comp went fucking full vista mode but stayed windows 7

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