How to Easily Install Ubuntu Linux on Any PC

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In this walkthrough, Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer walks you through the steps needed to install Ubuntu–a popular Linux distribution and Windows competitor–on a PC. This fast, simple operating system runs well on limited system resources, boots quickly, and is very easy to operate.


  1. It has install inside windows wtf fedora installer were much harder than this still i cannot install it to my laptop i always get no available space really? damn

  2. hi, i have question for you, i have ubuntu os installed on my pc, while working on pc, my screen go grey, nothing i can see or work, i have to restart from power button, can you tell me how can i fix this problem??

  3. Honestly, if I had to pay for, say, the core of Ubuntu, I would. I can't believe I ever used Windows all those years. What a waste. Guess that's just how my journey had to be.

    When I saw the kernel version in the video, dang did I realise how old this is. xD We're on 4.4.0-67 now, I think. (I'm on my own distro, I guess you could say, but it's based off Ubuntu, using a minimal install of their mini.iso)

  4. I have a question: I know Linux is free, but who owns it?

    A common tactic by drug dealers is to give kids free drugs. It's a filthy tactic: When addiction begins, and the kids start needing drugs, the dealers begin charging.

    I believe that, if the entire population of Africa suddenly owned a laptop each, Microsoft might give them Windows, Word, Excel, etc for free.

    How kind!

    But then individuals become dependent on their software, since the individual needs to communicate with his/her friends, family, employer, and the rest of the population. At that point, it would be in Microsoft's interest to start charging.

    If "dependent" seems like a strong word to you, ask yourself this question: Why do you pay for Windows, Word and Excel? Isn't it because you want to read documents you wrote in the past, and because you want to communicate with others who use the same software?

    At the moment, Linux seems like the nice guy. But who owns Linux? If Linux becomes commonplace, and some of us become dependent, can they charge?

  5. Well done tutorial although I also hate this way of commenting a video… "ohh didn't see you there, we're doing a video?" Sucks. Nevertheless nice quality and it helped me out, "like"!

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