How to Enable All Processors and Maximum Ram on Windows 7

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This quick video is showing you guys, how to enable all your processors and maximum Ram on a Windows 7 PC, in case you already didn’t!

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  1. Can someone help me? I've done this but when my pc rebooted it said "If you have attached any devices…" and so on. I don't know what to do, I've tried everything :/ if someone could be a hero and help me, it would be nice 😖

  2. I highly advise you never do this. I did and my computer shit on itself and has to be completely wiped and reinstalled. Never will I pay attention to this guy ever again…

  3. So does unlocking the other processors improve performance? Does it require more power from the power supply? If so, wont it put stress on the power supply? I don't want to damage anything haha

  4. Dude,i already restart my computer i have 8GB RAM and 7 Cores ,and i already did the max of my computer.but after i restart and look at it again the number is unsteady when i click it, it saying 912 mb but before i restart i push to max in 8192 mb but it come back again.and then while i was rendering i check at the task manager it just use 1Gb of my RAM

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