How to Enable Call Recording on Windows 10 Mobile ( Lumia 550 / 950 XL)

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Devices like Lumia 550, Lumia 950XL, 950 can record calls. I expect this option to show up in other devices.


  1. Sir your video is very helpful but unfortunately my phone lumia 730 is not equipped with even the option under 'Phone' tab which you shown. Sir plz help me out with this coz i too have windows 10 installed on my phone. Expect your reply ASAP.

  2. i have a doubt….we can change the colour of the UI by selecting the colour under personalization but how can we change the colour of the incoming call or outgoing call tab?? it comes as green colour, even the messaging app…all unread msgs are highlighted in green colour….help would be appreciated

  3. +WPXBOX
    Please tell me, if you are gonna record a phone call using this feature, the other guy get announced that you are gonna record the call while you are talking to him ?
    Thank you !

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