How to enable Parked Processor Cores (CPU) for Faster Windows 7

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Enabling all your cores will Speed up your PC – GUARANTEED



  1. mine were parked but when i checked, i noticed they had recieved a ticket from a couple months ago.. what do I do to pay off the ticket? Apparantly they were illegally parked, and the ticket says that further fines will be charged if I move the parked cores anywhere other than they are help

  2. Semi's do it, so why not do it with CPUs. I used to prefer it unparked, for top-end games, but my PC's life expectancy is low now. I am going to have to replace my entire CPU. that is a 400 dollar pop right there!. I would prefer all of them parked now, not even leaving one unparked! I saw no benifit of unparking. even most games utilize only 2-4 cores. also , like a turbo-chargerd semi diesel truck,(metaphorically speaking) the lag is brief after engaging full power. when I load a game, more than likely it will be using those cores after a initial brief lag and will not lag again, as the demand is much too high. Witcher 3, for instance will always demand all it needs no slacking of cores turning off in a game, only when you load it. I don't recommend maxing all cores all the time, that is a waste of power because it also wears out the CPU no matter if it is a lappy or a desktop. the extra boost in initial load in a game is not worth the lessening of CPU life and it can cut it in half! My manufacterer, Falcon Northwest tech support agents, any I've spoken to, do not recommend it either. I used to and I am now paying the price with a damaged CPU, overheating from damage and frequent BSoD it is not that old. I had absolutely no BSoD until this year!

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