How to Enable Samsung SSD Rapid Mode in Windows 10

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This is a Tutorial how to enable the Samsung Rapid Mode in Windows 10 32/64Bit!

[Unfortunately Samsung still hasn`t published a Version for Windows 10, the Software still does not know the Operating System…]

This Video will show you how to activate the Rapid Mode with any Samsung Magican Version! It`s important to watch the Video first, then you can follow the steps down bellow! The download-link is at the end of the description

My SSD: 250GB Samsung EVO 850 mSATA SSD



  1. i dont care about the video can anybody link me the right file to enable rapied mode i cant find it anywhere on youtube and outside of youtube i have the 850 i need the right file? thanks

  2. Thanks for this video, before this tutorial my boot up time was 20 seconds, now improve to 15 seconds….Although i have no idea why some people can boot like 7 seconds

  3. Dear Admin, I downloaded v4.8 from Samsung, and after turning on Rapid Mode in windows 10, sequential Read is 4612 ( normal up to 540 ), sequential Write is 3502 ( normal up to 520 ) ,  that changed performance ? Thanks.
    My SSD is Samsung 850 EVO 120gb 2.5 inch


    Samsung now released the 4.8 Samsung Magican Software!
    Now it`s officially supported by Windows 10!

    If you have already enabled the RAPID MODE, following the steps of my tutorial, just update the software!

    Unfortunately, Samsung made no changes or Bug fixes for the new version. That means that enabling the RAPID Mode like in this Tutorial is as safe as enabling it with the newest version of the Samsung Magican Software!

  5. Hey Guys!

    I am using Windows 10 with Samsung RAPID Mode since 2 months now without any problems or bugs!
    Seems like Samsung is too lazy for publishing a Samsung Magican Software for Windows 10…


    If there is a Windows 10 optimized Samsung Software, I will add a note in the video with the link for you…

  6. The enable button doesn't want to be clickable once that I had enable it :"(
    Administrator mode and I got the same client version as yours :"//
    I am trying to get this mSata EVO 850 going.

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