How to Enable Sound in Safe Mode (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

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Hey guys ! You can’t watch videos or listen to music in safe mode, because sound is not available ! Annoying right? Here’s how to enable it 😉 Thanks for watching!


BOOT WINDOWS 10 IN SAFE MODE ► Link coming soon 😊 Thanks! )



  1. amazing help, it is the only video that help me to do something on my pc ever in my life, it works, funciona: es lo mejor que he visto en computacion, it help to recover the audio, without downloading any driver from any website, I do really appreciate it

  2. Thanks ..but I have a issue… regards edit under local machine the system I don't have control …. I have controlset001 and currentcontrolset but not control. ….what's my next step if I don't have control under system

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