How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite Laptop Windows 8.1

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1 Go to settings
2 Change PC Settings
3 Update and recovery
4 Recovery
5 Under “Advanced startup” click Restart Now
6 Click on “Use a Device”
7 Click “EFI USB Device”
8 It will say you don’t have a usb device, so press enter.
9 Press the down arrow until “Enter Setup” is selected and press enter.
10 You are now in the bios, use the arrow keys to move around.

If you don’t have a “Use a device…


  1. Works for me in Toshiba Satellite:
    (with laptop powered off)
    First hold "F2" key, then power on (holding F2).
    Toshiba logo appears, when enter the BIOS go to "ADVANCED", "boot speed" option and change it from "fast" to "normal".
    You can also go to the Boot option and change the drive boot order.

  2. damnnn i have the same laptop , but with another pbm i have an intern hdd empty without OS , windows 8.1 bootable cd and external keyboard (because the keyboard origine is broken) .. i cant enter in bios :'( the hdd is good but definitly empty … idea pls ?

  3. This video is shit… If nothing you folks have tried works, go to Power Settings in the Control Panel. Click on 'Change settings not currently available', then uncheck the box for fast startup. Boom, that was the problem, fast startup was bypassing the bios prompt, now the F2 key will work. Once in BIOS, disabling Secure Boot will allow other options you'd otherwise be forced out of.

  4. I have been in bios set-up configurated it and am pretty comfortable with it.  however the more i think about it as a concept i want to know more.  like what is bios exactly? i know its not a part of windows…. but does that mean that its a software program built on DOS?  can someone explain?

  5. Boot the system up and hold down the'Esc' key, then press F1 when you get the check system message. You are then in the BIOS Setup and you can make your changes and save and exit by pressing the 'End' key. Boot the system up and hold down the 'F2' key.

  6. hey ! can i just ask how to enter in bios so i can boot my laptop because i forgot the password of my laptop then when i enter in Guest account its updating then it said that i need to access my  administrator account so to update it  but i forgot the password so, how do i enter in BIOS to boot the windows 8 laptop cause i have recovery tool in my USB i want to Know how to enter in BIOS even without entering on Account? 

    my Laptop is Toshiba Too

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