How to Fix Audio Problems on Windows 8

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Audio stopped working? Can’t hear anything even though it’s not muted? Do this to solve the problem on windows 8 computers. Buy Windows 8 products online here:

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  1. Thanks. Fixed my laptop sound straight away & for the idiots on here who say they can't hear you talk, well have course they can't, but have they ever thought of watching your video on another computer DOH!!

  2. Thanks …. It worked for me…
    I had the same problem if I played a song in windows media player, it showed error and showed that there might be problem in your sound card". but this one helped me…

  3. Thank you so fucking much. At first I thought the recent update fucked something up permanently, and I was legit tripping out because my laptop is my ONLY source of entertainment at the moment, it's my only source of any activity at all. Anyways, thanks.

  4. For those with no audio to listen to the video (like me he he)… Just look for ("services and applications"), then look for the "Windows audio" service in the list and restart it.
    For my fellow Brazilians and other Portuguese speakers just in case :
    (Pros BR e pra quem fala PT.)
    Procure por "servi├žos e aplica├ž├Áes", ache o servi├žo "├íudio do Windows" e o reinicie.

  5. Guys can someone help me… I had a hard drive problem… So i went to this store and repaired it… Also had a fan problem so they charged me 25 for the cleaning of the fan and hard drive 75 plus 35 hand job… So i when i see my computer… i see freaking xbox music in my music folder which is not the origina system and my bluetooth doesnt work… My speakers which are beats… Doesnt sound anything like beats… It looks like a broken speaker… I swear to god they have robed me but i need proof that they did rob it… So i am trying to search somewhere were can i see what type of speakers i have like a model or how to know if someone changed it because they scammed me alot… please help

  6. I've had this problem for over a year now. If I use my earbuds or headphones my sound works, but trying to fix the internal speakers is key–especially if I have to watch blu-ray on my laptop I'd prefer to not be tethered to the machine. I tried this "fix" and it didn't work for me. I found another link where someone said to wiggle a toothpick in the jack, so I'll be trying that when I get home–if it works I'll let you know. My IS sound works for an extremely short time, much like Dakota's when I initially start up my laptop (full power down & start up only). If I put it in sleep-mode and try to use sound I get nothing until headphones go in. I find this to be mildly frustrating; I don't mind having to use headphones, especially if the area I'm in is noisy, but I'd love to have an option in the matter.

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