How to Fix Black Screen after logging in Windows 8 (2017)

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  1. pls my login screen and other got weird letter fonts and after login it gets black. when i press ctrl+alt+del appears weird blue screen . there's few white squares and when i click one of that it shows shut down options . there's no task manager and other. pls help me.

  2. I was downloading a game for my computer and then it started popping up with German words and all . So I tried to reset my whole computer it went black I kept restarting and now I get a black screen with a green block in the middle with a ñ and it's just Stuck? How do I fix this 🙁

  3. Well i found a way

    Just when your pc is in the black screen. Hold your power button it should make a click sound. Once it is off turn it on and wait. You wont see the cursor that means it worked

    It should show your enter your password screen

    Tell me if it worked

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