1. It doesn't work!
    Just bought a brand new PC a week ago and i finally fixed that blue screen problem to get a goddamn fucking black fucking screen.

  2. For issue were you are getting black screen with white cursor.
    Following steps worked for me.
    >Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
    >Go to 'Services' tab
    >Look for 'AppReadiness'
    >Right click and stop it.

    Make sure you disable the same after login into Windows.
    >Click start and type 'Services'
    >Look for 'AppReadiness'
    >Right click and select 'Properties'
    >Startup type should be set to 'Disabled'
    >Set the 'Service Status' to Stopped.

    Let me know if this works for others too.

  3. Fuck sake. I think this happend everytime I clean broken Registry

    It's happend twice now. Both after deleting reg

    I am using CCleaner

    Becareful guys, The PC is ok after you do this but I think it's a cause

  4. My system used to get on for 3-4 seconds before getting black with a blunt sound, i took help from the toll free helpline number +1-888-828-5947. It helped me a lot, will suggest you all the same.

  5. Been trying to fix the problem for a few hours now. Tried to find a few videos to help, but a lot of them assume that you're able to open up the task manager with CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Anyways, if you're having that problem and absolutely nothing was working for you then try booting up Windows in Safe Mode. Here's how you do it:1. Turn off Your PC
    2. Press the Power Button
    3. Immediatley Hold the Power Button to Shut Down
    4. Repeat Step 3 More than Two Times
    5. After Repetition, Turn on Windows
    —— You Should Eventually See Preparing Automatic Repair ——
    6. Wait for Windows to Finish Diagnostics
    7. Go to Advanced Options
    8. Go to Troubleshoot
    9. Advanced Options
    10. Startup Settings
    11. Restart
    12. At This Point, Windows will allow you to boot up in Safe Mode if you press 4 (or 5 with a network). The advance screen you saw earlier can also help with entering into your Command Prompt (cmd) or doing just about anything to try and fix your PC. Currently, I'm re-installing the previous version before this crappy Fall Update.

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