How to fix “Error 2” when installing itunes on windows 7 64bit

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  1. Or Apple could finally learn how to produce software that works so I don't have to install some third party software produced by I don't know who just so I can get my iDevices to fucking function properly..

  2. muchas gracias Cao eres el mejor, pude solucionar mi problema gracias a ti llevava 3 dias en estos in solucion hasta que vi tu video, saludos desde chile

  3. You are the man! After Win 10 reset it was not possible to install itunes. Nothing on the Apple support pages helped. Your method worked 1st time. Excellent! Thanks a lot.

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  5. I have found the solution for this one. It's simple. Just enable the 'Windows Module Installer' service. Type ''services'' in search bar enable 'Windows Module Installer' and start it . This solves the problem 🙂

  6. So I just bought a brand new windows 10 gaming laptop today and was having this same issue. I did the winrar thing and it worked but the iTunes is totally dysfunctional. When I try to go into edit preferences it freezes/crashes, when I plug in my iPhone it crashes. Can someone please help me?! 😭😭

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