How to fix Games for Windows Live WINDOWS 8

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By default, ‘Games for windows live’ Games don’t work on windows 8. What the hell. This is how you fix it. And I lied about putting those codes in the description…
If that STILL didn’t work try that one


  1. Hi. I am trying to run a GFWL game and I have tried both steps and it still wont work. When I launch the game it tell me that GFWL cannot connect to the LIVE service and that I should check my internet connection although I am connected to the internet. Please help!!!!

  2. I shit you not, for those who are having trouble saving the game Batman: Arkham City because Games For Windows – Live is not compatible with Windows 10, fuck all the bullshit for real, this right here is the solution.!uNJG3KaQ!UGZ-rPu90JanBISEXC4QcXBjuGB6yDc1qfFO_z_6gpg
    Download the file above and extract the xlive.dll into the game's BinariesWin32 folder. Done!
    (As far as I can tell, it's not a virus thank you. It's just an honest crack file, to save all of our lost souls.)
    You don't even need to create a GFWL offline profile, it just enables in-game saving function automatically (you'll see how if you run the game, it will just ask to create a different, saveable user storyline from the beginning).One important thing!!!: You always need to run the game with Administrator Rights (either by right-clicking the icon and selecting Administrator Rights every time, or by checking the following option once in Windows 10: Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as administrator)
    If you don't do this, the game will not save properly.
    A hint is when I correctly ran the game with Administrator Rights, in the main menu of the game it Signed in as: (Windows user account name)
    I got this miraculous solution from this YouTube video (since I speak Spanish).

  3. thank uu for the tutorial but  i did this it 100000000000000000000000000000000 times and it dosent work i hated this motherfucker game and this fucking games for windows live and windows  8 also the  gfwl didnt work when i open the game i didn't know why so please help

  4. ATTENTION. For those of you who deleted the xlive.dll and are getting problems starting the game, please Google search: Games For Windows Live and download it. I experienced this problem myself. And after installing that I can finally play online. Take a hint.

  5. Try this:  If you have two-step verification activated then all you need to do is use your app password.  So go to and sign in like you normally would.  Then click on Security & Password in the left hand column, 2nd from the top.  Scroll down to App Passwords and click on Create a new app password.  Follow the instructions given, and once you have done so, WRITE down the App Password and type that in for the GFWL Password Slot.

  6. worked, follow instruction on link – also in windows 8, when i checked its properties it showed application is blocked (click unblock). Re install as admin, sign in clients was still a mess and it looked like it never got installed when clicking on windows xlive games it still requested for it to be downloaded- STUPID *** S**&T*T!#@#. Ignore….. At this point just click follow these instructions, after files are copies to windows/system32 it just runs ….. finally i can play my legitimate obtained game on my WINDOWS 8 RIG. wow -_-

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