How to fix “Limited” Wi-Fi connection on Windows 8 & 8.1 [Step by Step]

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This video will explain how to most likely fix the problem. This is not a guarantee to fix the problem so please keep unneeded comments to yourselves. Your best choice (if this doesn’t work) is to contact some sort of customer service that specializes in Windows.

Commands in order:
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

You can also try flushing the dns:
ipconfig /flushdns


  1. my troubleshooting found that my ip address wasn't configured properly, I don't know how it's even possible,
    anyway, reconfiguring it (ipconfig /renew) solved it, the connection immediately got restored after running this command. so it worked for me. thx

  2. sadly it didn't work. Media disconnected msg. So I connected the media, however the it continues to msg media disconnected. it's extremely late I'll try again ltr on. if anyone has any suggestions plz feel free to leave a msg. and Don thank you for the video.

  3. I called the provider and they came and did it for free but now the Limited thing came back.. but its just popping up and disappeared again…. Now my internet is working again without saying Limited but i think the Limited came from the weather because nobody in my household messes with the internet boxes including the Ethernet Cable/cord.

  4. Thanks and hope this worked.i usually just restart my comp every time its limited but it gets frustrated while you in a middle of the game and all of a sudden it drops. so plss help us !!!

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