How to fix memory leaks in Windows 8.1

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This short video will show you how to decrease your RAM usage by about 1.5-2GB.
What you will be doing is you will shut down a Windows service called “Windows Networking Data Usage Monitor”.The service isn’t critical for your system so there shouldn’t be any problems after turning it off.


  1. For anyone using Windows 10, this fix works exactly the same and like a charm. My RAm usage went from 84% at all times down to 10% by default. Note that a system restart is still required after applying the fix.

  2. I've had sooo many different problems now its driving me crazy, in terms of this damn leak,
    I've excluded windows defender from scanning itself,
    i've tried fixing windows update or manually update the definitions for windows defender every 10 minutes so it doesnt leak, since i found that what's causing my constant leaks untill i update it, then it's suddenly all fine.
    If scanned for problems and updates for both windows update and windows defender.
    If this isn't gonna work i don't know what else my damn problem is.

  3. Can you please explain to me a bit what this does? I am on windows 8.1. And I was able to fix a lot of my disk and cpu problems by removing a bunch of those unnecessary programs. My Memory is currently sitting between 49 and 54% ((it jumps)) what does putting a 4 in that start area do and why does it lower the overall memory usage? I'm just worried and asking cause don't really have the cash to buy a new pc lol.

  4. this is my 12th tutorial still not able to solve it I have 8 gb of ram and its shows something like this 8 gb (4 gb usable) I have tried what you have said not working I even updated my bios I even do that msconfig thing but still its not working what I do my holidays will end I have to play my fav video gamess!!!

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