How to Fix Printer Offline In Windows 10/8/7 [Tutorial]

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How to fix printer offline issues you might be having.

Many Windows 10 users have reported issues regarding printer connectivity and a glitch which set active printers to offline even if they are connected and fully operational. The error is usually encountered when speaking of network printers, but home users with a direct connection to their printer have also complained.

We’ll go about fixing this issue just like most other connectivity related problems, as in most cases, there is a…


  1. I thought I had it fixed because what you said was amazing… and it worked for a minute.. then it stopped again. I must have something in the configuration that pretty much sucks. Thanks for the video though..

  2. Hey MD Tech- I have a wireless HP officeJet 3830. It is installed and the printer says it is connected. For the first couple days it worked fine. Now the windows 10 says it is offline. But I cannot connect to it. The printer says it is connected and it has an IP address and everything.

    If I got to the device and printers screen like you show in your video, the icon is grayed out so I cant do anything to it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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